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Bridesmaid Dresses Dress The Maid With Various Tastes

In the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory, even almost the lest sociable (second to Sheldon) Neurologist Amy Farah Fowler are excited and serious about her role as a bridesmaid. It is understandable that we as formal people should take considerable but careful attention towards the position as bridesmaids, speaking of which, bridesmaid dresses should undoubtedly come first as a priority.

 Formal Gown with chained bead

If you prefer designing your wedding as a traditional wedding, and have determined to have the bridesmaids dress in long version, a floor length gown with your favorite color and spaghetti straps that has the upper half of the gown featuring details in beads can be a great option for a bridesmaid dress. 

Baby Blue Prom Dresses

Waist Dress with clinches

If you expect bridesmaid dresses of tea length, then clinched waist dress with a huge fashion trend is a very good choice.

hunter green sweetheart neck long bridesmaid dress, prom dress, formal gown, evening gown


Bustier Dress
If your bridesmaids are satisfied with this design, then bustier dresses is second to none for a wedding. Use beaded detailing on the upper half of the dress if you wish to.  It is cute option for summer and spring weddings add to the romance of the day.

dark green sweetheart neck long pleated mermaid bridesmaid dress VPW842



Halter Dress
A halter dress is popular at all time at most weddings, which can be probably due to the obvious elegance of this design. A knee length formal halter dress made of chiffon can look simple yet gorgeous.

orange halter neck long chiffon bridesmaid dresses VPBNA006

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Bridesmaid dress ideas for perfect wedding

Selecting bridesmaid dresses takes the second place for perfect weddings. The bridesmaid dresses colors and styles you select will influence the colors and theme of the entire wedding.


The wedding theme

Before you start to select bridesmaid, you need to know about the wedding overall theme and feeling of the wedding itself. Is the wedding formal enough or informal? Is the wedding theme color red, purple, gold or whatever?


For example, your wedding is held in spring, and the suitable dresses colors for bridesmaids are color shades in peach. Peach bridesmaid dresses or other color in peach are suitable for your.

empire waist long bridesmaid dress colored peach

empire waist long bridesmaid dress colored peach




Looking around bridesmaid from bridal shops and viewing its latest collection are the two effective methods for following the wedding trends. The latest trend for selecting maid of honor gowns is to choose the same color dress in different styles. For example, the dress color is chosen based on wedding theme color, and the styles can be selected according to girls’ body types. Halter bridesmaid dresses, v-neck, one shoulder can all be together at one wedding, we call it mix and matched bridesmaid dress.

mix matched, mismatched bridesmaid dress

mix matched, mismatched bridesmaid dress

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2014 Spring Bridesmaid Dress Colors and Trends

2014 spring is coming soon, are you ready to pick the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids? What’s the hottest styles in the 2014 spring and what’s the best choice for your own? Vintage lace or flowing chiffon, peach orange or mint green, classic floor length or pretty knee length, and illusion Necklines? So next spring are so gorgeous for you and your girls to be shining when you choose your favorite ones. Let’s go and check the 2014 Spring Bridesmaid Dress Colors and Trends

Number 1. Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

lace wedding idea

lace wedding idea

Number 2. Illusion Necklines

illusion bridesmaid dress

illusion bridesmaid dress

Number 3. Ombre Styles

ombre wedding theme in 2014

ombre wedding theme in 2014

Number 4. Pleated V-neck

v-neck bridesmaid dress

v-neck bridesmaid dress

Number 5. Peach orange

peach and orange wedding

peach and orange wedding

Number 6. Mint Green

mint green wedding theme

mint green wedding theme

Number 7. Blush

blush wedding

blush wedding

Number 8. Gray

grey colored bridesmaid dress

grey colored bridesmaid dress

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Three Barn Wedding Ideas for Autumn Weddings

Barn weddings have become hugely popular in recent years and it’s easy to see why. A barn can be the perfect place for a rustic or country wedding. Today weddings in a barn are taking place all over the country and offer the bride and groom a chance to hold their wedding in a very personable and unique location. Just like farm weddings, a barn wedding can be dressed up or dressed down to match the style and decor of your wedding and offer endless charm.Whatever your style, you can personalise your day to create your dream wedding. Let see the three Barn Wedding Ideas for Autumn Weddings!


barn-farm-wedding woodland-wedding barn-farm-wedding ideas barn-reception barn wedding-reception barn wedding ideas


country-wedding-barn outdoor wedding country-wedding-flower-girls country-chic-wedding-ideas barn-wedding-ideas barn-wedding-in-south barn-wedding-decorations barn wedding deco barn-wedding-party


bride-groom4 wedding-party bride-groom-barn chic wedding barn


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How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses that Compliment the Brides?

The most frequent question that confused brides a lot is the right look for their big day. Except for their wedding gowns, dresses for bridesmaids is also important. Brides usually spent weeks or months shopping for dresses for their maids of honer. What should their bridesmaids wear to complement their dress? How to choose the right styles or colors of bridesmaid dresses to compliment the brides? Here are 5 different looks of bridesmaid dresses  for your big day along with helpful tips for different wedding themes.

For Elegant Brides, lace bridesmaid dresses must be hot picks.


For classic brides, choosing short bridesmaid dresses to make you pop.


For romantic brides, nude bridesmaid dresses will make your gals look elegant.


For the 1920′s brides, vintage bridesmaid dresses will let your gals inspired by the glamour of the 1920

For hip pop brides, help your ladies pick unique and fun bridesmaid dresses.

green lace bridesmaid dresses UK


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Dazzling Grecian Maxi length Dress For Summer Party

Girls, what style of summer dresses will you wear in this season? For me, maxi skirt is definitely the best choice because its beauty and elegance! Grecian style of summer dress is also my favorite style in summer. Well, when talking about Grecian style, white cannot be missed. Generally speaking, white is the best color to show the best side of Grecian style. So let’s choose white Grecian summer dress together!

white maxi Grecian dresses

Some some a little formal parties, white is also a good choice? Remember Blake Lively wearing a full-length white dress in Gossip Girl. I have to say, it was wonderful! So if you will attend a formal event in a near future, just choose a white dress!

Blake Lively in White Long Dress in Gossip Girl

For some formal parties, white formal dresses are also great options. This exquiste gown will be sure to wow and demand the attention of everyone in the room, with its sleek silhouette and high slit on the right hand side of the skirt, to reveal those tanned and shiny legs. However just make sure your wearing a suitable high heal to elongate those pins.

Obviously the most striking detail is glamourous sequined glitter band that elegantly decorates the shoulder strap and follows diagonally across the chest, helping to really set off the subtle sweetheart shaped neckline. The bodice has slight ruching effect ,which is also imitated on the back arch of the dress,  there you can see the larger key hole back shape, extending to the lower bottom of the back, giving it a very sexy , but elegant look. The back also provides a concealed zipper which will allow you to comfortably slip the dress on and off.

white one shoulder long prom dresses

white bridesmaid dresses uk

Referring to wedding ceremony, who will miss white bridesmaid dresses? White is a perfect choice for bridesmaids or wedding guests, not only for brides. Look at the follow styles, and which one do you like best?

grecian white bridesmaid dress

white bridesmaid dresses

one shoulder white Grecian bridesmaid dresses

white off shoulder bridesmaid dresses

What do you think about Grecian dresses for summer days? Tell me your opinions!

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Green Wedding Ideas

As one of the Pantone colors of 2013, green, especially emerald green enjoys a great popularity this season. We all love green! It is the symbol of nature and elegance. Green is everywhere from mint, kelly to emerald green.

The first wedding I attended was a mint one, a lighter shade of green. I have to say, mint is the most suitable color for wedding day! Moreover, I am interested in green. I think green is also a great wedding color no matter as a leading color or a complementary color.

pink and mint wedding ideas

So here in this article, I would like to share some beautiful real green wedding photos for you. Hope you may get some inspirations before preparing your wedding!

Let’s start from wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, the most important parts of a green themed wedding. Actually there is no need to choose green wedding dresses for brides who want to match wedding color. Some green accessories definitely help a lot. Clutches, rings, necklaces and bouquets in green will be fantastic!

green wedding details-necklace

green wedding details-clutch and ring

green wedding details-bouquets

Well, bridesmaid dresses are completely different! Usually a green wedding requires the matching bridesmaid dresses, which are green bridesmaid dresses. Look at the following styles, which one do you prefer?

green bridesmaid dresses

mismatched green bridesmaid dresses

long strapless green bridesmaid dresses

left//right from green bridesmaid dresses

short green bridesmaid dresses with boots

And the next part is wedding details, such as wedding cakes, invitations, decorations and centerpieces. I believe they are more difficult to choose than clothes! Here what you see is just a small part of green wedding details. Hope there can help you.

green wedding cakes

green wedding details

green wedding bouquets

green wedding details-cakes and drinks

So how about a green themed wedding? If you like it, just make your wedding full of green details! Looking for more other wedding ideas? Just see other posts here!

photo credit: ring//bouquets//bridesmaid

Get A Fantastic Purple Wedding!

Before writing this article, I have to say that I was not a big fan of purple, although the color is full of elegance and glamour. But now, I change my mind. After looking for some beautiful purple wedding photos, I have to admit that purple is really the best color for a fantastic wedding. It is elegant, gorgeous and beautiful. What’s more, purple will give you the best answer no matter whether you want a pure purple themed wedding or a purple-coordinating one.

purple wedding inspiration

purple wedding themes-bridesmaids

A pure purple wedding means that everything in the wedding is in different shades of purple, from lilac, lavender to darker purple. Most brides-to-be will choose lighter purples because they are more gentle and eye-catching. I agree with that. Decorations like table settings, centerpieces and flowers in lighter purples seem to be very pretty.

lavender wedding receptions

lavender wedding table decors

lavender wedding invitations

But suddenly I realize that darker purple bridesmaid dresses are also eye-catching, just like the following photos show. In order to coordinate bridesmaid gowns and groomsmen suits, it is better to choose boutonniere and ties in darker purple.

Harleigh Tensen and Jonathan Ginsberg

dark purple bridesmaid dresses

purple bridesmaid dresses and grey groonsmen suits

Similar Styles You May Like

Strapless Dark Purple Bridesmaid Dress Strapless Dark Purple Bridesmaid Dress-sample

Drak Purple Halter Bridesmaid Dress Elegant Strapless Purple Bridesmaid Dress

Maybe you think a pure purple wedding will be a little of boring. So here I suggest a purple coordinating wedding, such as yellow and purple, blue and purple, pink and purple. As a coordinating color, purple never makes us disappointed.

yellow and purple wedding theme

blue and purple weddings

green and purple wedding

Well, let’s focus on wedding decorations. They are definitely a big work for brides and grooms. Everything should be perfect, from cakes, invitations, centerpieces to garlands. Fortunately, there will become less difficult if you have settled your wedding theme or main wedding color. Looking at the following pieces that needed in purple themed wedding, and ladies, will you find the one that for your big day?

purple wedding cakes

inexpensive vintage purple wedding invites with damask

Inexpensive unique garden purple wedding invitation with free response card

So ladies, will you get a fantastic purple wedding after seeing so many beautiful wedding photos? Have a good day!

photo credit: 1//lavender//groomsmen//yellow//green

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Vponsale Dresses Giveaway on YouTube–Lili’s Custom Dress

I am wondering whether you know her. This is a big YouTube guru Lili who has almost 184,588 fans. Recently she decided to give away a beautiful convertible dress which in purple and white.  As to the short tight gown inside, it’s suitable for a engagement party, cocktail party and evening party. With that skirt, you can also go to other social occasions like formal one. Just like the last one she wore, this one gets popular around her fans.






It’s easy to get that dress. According to the video. All you have to do is to subscribe her video, comment below the video, follow her on two of her twitter, facebook, instalgram and tumblr and like vponsale on Facebook. (More info in her video)



But you will sadly find that dress has been already given away to a lucky girl named phamtastiquee. Don’t worry. Here is another chance. Lili will persuade Vponsale to choose a another winner. No guarantee. However, Vponsale grantees that in the last week, girls who bought these 3 dresses will get 20% discount while other dresses only get 10% discount. Her dress takes the inside sequined gown from DVP0195 and the skirt from DVP0193.

Now her dress is available on Vponsale.










Lili says:


Winner can choose one dress from the list

-Vponsale’s facebook:
My dress in this video was the same

underlay with 2 additional

(removable overlay skirt pieces):
With this skirt:
Vponsale is selling this exact dress

and will give you 20% off or sending

you a free bag with the dress

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you just need to contact them directly




Back to school Tips

Nowadays, there must be a lot of girls talking about your back to school clothes. Many girls want to make a deeply impression of others when they come to a new school, meet a lot new classmates, It is important to choose a suit dress or a perfect homecoming dresses.

Girls should take some times of the clothes you will wear on the first day, Many girls will be very nervous on the first day to back to school, First impressions on your new teachers or professors are extremely important so it is a priority to look and feel exceptional. The first day of class sets the tone for the entire school year so take some time to think about your entire ensemble. You want to be comfortable but you do NOT want to give off the wrong impression by wearing pajamas or yoga pants. You can choose some simply prom dress, or the homecoming dress to make you looks special but not strange.



Girls, try to attend more school activities. The first few weeks of the school time, there must have a lot of activities. Try to keep it stylish but not overly dressy. So it is essential to have a few really great dresses to wear to these various events. It is crucial to have an attractive and sexy dress, a glamorous gown, and a little black dress. I also highly recommend the, on this website, you can find a lot prom dresses that suit for you, and they are high in quality but low in price.


The perfect dresses are waiting for you in here. The heart movement is inferior to move. By following these tips, you will be perfect on your new school.