{August Bride} Top 5 Reasons to be Brides in Summer

August summer wedding inspiration

Many girls chose to get married in August.  Most of them said to be a August bride is a happy thing. There are many reasons for them to choose this season, here I will list the top 5 reasons to let you know why.

1.  Some girls plan to be married after graduation, so summer is the first choice for wedding.

2. Great time for outdoor wedding as wild flowers are blooming in summer.

3. Most of important friends in your life will be on holiday so  that they have time to attend your wedding.

4. The temperature of water is neither too hot nor cold for beach wedding.

5.  Just because we love August!!!

“I was an 08.09.08 bride — and as a teacher August was perfect because I was able to teach summer school in June and July and still have the month of August off!  Also, honeymoon locations like Jamaica are less expensive in August ”, said by caliocteach

“I will be married on 08.29.13 !  I think August is best for an outdoor wedding. Less rain and bugs”, said by Jessica.

So, what’s your thoughts?  Let me know your point of views. <3<3<3


Let’s see the most popular color themes for August wedding.

peach with red wedding color

orange August summer wedding inspiration 2014

blue with multi-color

August summer wedding colors

pink with red color

August peach wedding for summer

Chic blue with orange color

chic summer August wedding ideas

dark blue with yellow color

blue and yellow summer wedding color ideas

yellow wedding color

yellow and blue August wedding ideas

blue shades wedding color

August summer wedding color ideas


Ombre Wedding Inspiration

Ombre: The graduation of colors from light to dark or vice versa .

ombre wedding decorations

This is the definition of ombre from one of my favorite wedding blog—yesbabaydaily.com. I did not notice the popularity of ombre weddings until I saw some amazing ombre wedding cakes several months ago. From light to dark, those cakes really caught people’s eyes. Since then, ombre weddings are everywhere!

Brides can plan an entire ombre wedding theme by using any color they like. For me, purple or orange are perfect choices!

purple ombre wedding theme

orange ombre wedding theme

pink ombre wedding theme

green ombre wedding theme

blue ombre wedding theme

coral ombre wedding theme

Or they just want to show some ombre wedding details and hints in some particular things, like cakes, bridesmaid dresses and bouquets.

ombre wedding cakes

pink ombre bridesmaid dresses

long purple ombre bridesmaid dresses

peach ombre bridesmaid dresses

purple ombre bridesmaid dresses

long pink ombre bridesmaid dresses

Of course you can choose ombre bridesmaid dresses at Vponsale!

pink ombre bridesmaid dresses

red ombre bridesmaid dresses


Tell me about your opinion!

Chic Country / Outdoor Boho Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

boho wedding inspiration There is nothing more fun than a country wedding with all of your friends and family members standing together and breathing the fresh air to celebrate the big day in your life.  As for the chic country wedding ideas, boho / bohemian weddings might be a good choice.  Boho weddings are full of whimsical details, like braided long hairstyles, wild flowers, pearl or lace dresses which is modern and unique. Meanwhile, no matter what your wedding will be held in Spring /Summer or Fall / Winter, you can choose a boho themed wedding.  So, today I will highly recommend bohemian wedding theme to you and provide you with some wedding ideas.

country boho wedding dresses  ideas

Inspiration of  Boho Wedding Dresses 
lace, pearl and flowing are the common elements in boho bridal gowns. Simple white maxi dress, pearl boho dress or lace dress will be great. As for a country vintage wedding, sheath lace dress or white organza or satin long gown will be more suitable.

pearl country boho wedding dress ideas inspiration

white mermaid  wedding dress for boho brides

boho bridal dress

boho wedding ideas 2014

bohemian boho lace wedding dress for country wedding 2014

lace wedding dress ideas for boho bohemian brides


Inspiration of  Boho brides’ hairstyles

For brides hairstyles, they would like to choose simply style like using flower headband or flower clips on natural long hair. Simply curl your hair to make it look more elegant and natural.

boho wedding  hairstyles with headbands

boho wedding hairstyles

wavy boho wedding hairstyles

boho wedding dresses lace sleeves

boho wedding hairstyle  with headband

Bohemian bridesmaid dresses & Wedding Shoot ideas

In line with the bridal gown is the common rule of choosing bridesmaid dresses. Short lace bridesmaid dresses or simple maxi gowns will never go wrong with the brides.

bohemian wedding inspiration 2014

country boho wedding  inspiration bridesmaid dresses

lace short bridesamid dresses for beach boho wedding

short nude bridesmaid dresses for boho wedding

boho wedding ideas for lace bridesmaid dresses 2014

simple boho boemian wedding ideas themes

chic boho wedding ideas for bridesamid dress Boho wedding decoration ideas

Natural and green is ideal for decoration of boho wedding.

boho wedding ideas boho country wedding decoration ideas

boho outdoor wedding ideas

boho wedding  decoration  ideas

bohemian wedding inspiration vintage boho wedding decoration ideas

Photos from  omahalacecleaners / onewed / lover /greenweddingshoes /pinterest

Thanks so much <3<3<3


Vintage Inspired Wedding Ideas

After writing so many posts about wedding ideas, a lot of girls usually ask me which one is the most popular and beautiful wedding theme. In my opinion, every single wedding idea is the best if you find the most suitable one. Maybe the theme you choose is not the most popular color scheme this season, yet it enhances your beauty and glamour so much on your biggest day!

For me, a vintage wedding is the best wedding theme! In a long time, a romantic wedding with some vintage details is my dream wedding. When talking about vintage wedding ideas, lace is definitely the last thing to be forgotten from lace wedding dress to tablescape!

vintage lace wedding dress

vintage long sleeved wedding dress

vintage bridesmaid dress and hairstyle

vintage lace wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses

vintage lace wedding dress with yellow shoes

vintage wedding dress

photo credit: 1//2//3//4//5//6

Wedding hairstyles are rarely seen in modern weddings. Yet in vintage themed weddings, they are indispensable.

vintage wedding hairpieces

Other decors

vintage wedding decor

vintage wedding table decor

vitage wedding invitations

vintage wedding table settings

vintage wedding table decorations

vintage wedding bouquet

Tell us more about your ideas of vintage weddings!

Elegant Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Tips of choosing bridesmaids dress:

For brides, bridesmaid dress is the same important as wedding dress to be considered. Once the bridal gown is determined, the bridesmaid gown will follow and match it in color and style. Generally, we may choose some dresses that’s formal and modest as bridesmaid dresses, also simple design, as wedding ceremony is formal and special.

purple bridesmaid dresses

In case that you wish to make the wedding somehow special, you can have a try of a unique design that’s form of open for each bridal dress and bridesmaid dress. Nevertheless short or floor length, strapless or halter best style, just keep in mind that bridesmaid dress is assistance and serving for brides and her wedding. Here are some elegant purple bridesmaid dresses for you to consider!

satin purpke bridesmaid dresses

long strapless purple bridesmaid dresses

long chiffon puprle bridesmaid dresses

long purple bridesmaid dresses

short purple bridesmaid dresses

printed purple bridesmaid dresses

photo credit: 2//3//4

And what’s more, bridesmaid dress is not like wedding dress, it could also be dressed up in some other specific occasions like homecoming, evening party and etc.

Best Elegant purple Bridesmaid Dresses to Choose!

Buy purple bridesmaids dress at dress.vponsale.co.uk, you can choose best fitted gown in high quality freely. Our website focus on online various bridesmaid gowns sales. Welcome to check out our huge collection.

one shoulder purple bridesmaid dresses


strapless purple bridesmaid dresses


satin purple bridesmaid dresses



purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Ideas: 5 Hot Styles of Bridesmaid Dresses & Gifts

purple knee length bridesmaid dresses short Your gals must be the special gifts in your life. The special group of ladies you carefully selected to stand by your side during your wedding day would fell happy to be part of your wedding. Choosing a beautiful style for your bridesmaid to make her happy and then she will serve you well in turn. Don’t forget to send gifts to express your thanks to them. Here are 5 hot styles of bridesmaid dresses and bridesmaid gifts for your reference.

#Same Styles & Colors
Most brides would like to choose same dresses for her gals which will make them look similar. Yes, they are your best friends and you are a team. So, dress same will show the close friendship among each other.

lovely pink color theme

pink bridesmaid dresses ideas for wedding 2014
royal blue color theme

blue short bridesmaid dress UK

dark blue color theme

dark blue bridesmaid dresses ideas

traditional gray color theme

wedding ideas for gray bridesamid dresses

#Sweetheart Short Style

Knee length sweetheart dress is always a hot pick for bridesmaid dress.  They need move and dance. So, a short dress can make them look classy and wear comfortable.  As for the length, above the knee, knee length are popular choices.  Meanwhile, short bridesmaid dresses are usually cheaper.

blue short bridesmaid dresses 2014

peach sweetheart short bridesmaid dresses 2014

#Mismatched Style

Choose a color theme and let your gals pick dresses they love. Girls like wear something that can express their unique personalities. Let your bridesmaids select their own dress if you believe they can be good bridesmaids.  The decision is yours in the end.

mismatched bridesamid dresses blue color

mismatched brown bridesamid dresses short

#Mint Green Dress

Mint green is super popular this year. Mint green bags, shoes, T-shirts, dresses can be found everywhere. If you a fashion bride, you can choose mint green bridesmaid dresses to compliment your white wedding dress.

mint green bridesmaid dresses ideas

More styles of mint green bridesmaid dress
mint green bridesmaid dresses styles UK

wedding ideas with mint green elements

mint green wedding ideas 2013 2014

#Lace Style

In my former post  Trendy Bridesmaid Styles: Lace Bridesmaid Dresses you will know how popular and elegant the lace bridesmaid dresses are. See it to get more info about lace dress if you want to get some lace wedding ideas.

lace bridesmaid dresses short

 Top 5 Gift Ideas

To show your thanks to your gals, you need to send gifts to them. Something useful and not too expensive will be OK. Here are some ideas for bridesmaid gifts.

Top 1: Friend Photo Frame

Top 2: Compact Mirror

Top 3:  Jewelry Holder 

Top 4: Nekelace

Top 5:  Clutch

wedding ideas for bridesamid gifts

Rustic Sunflower Wedding Ideas

Recently I totally indulged in outdoor and rustic wedding settings since I wrote two posts about rustic wedding ideas, which were favored by many brides. Hope the third one I write today will also inspire you!

Fall is just around the corner, which reminds me of the most popular flower in autumn—sunflowers. These bold, bright and happy blooms are perfect for outdoor weddings, especially in autumn. Think about all bright yellow sunflower details you will see in the wedding. How about holding a rustic sunflower wedding this season?

rustic sunflower wedding settings

rustic sunflower wedding-bridesmaids

sunflower wedding bouquet and boutonnieres

rustic sunflower wedding cake

white bridesmaid dresses with sunflowers

rustic sunflower wedding-flower girl

sunflower wedding-lace yellow bridesmaid dresses

rustic sunflower wedding-bride and bridesmaids

rustic sunflower wedding table decorations

photo credit: 1//4//5//6//7//

The most important thing is choosing the right bridesmaid dresses to match such a bright wedding!

short yellow bridesmaid dress

grey bridesmaid dresses


Contact me about your ideas about rustic sunflower weddings!

Trendy Bridesmaid Styles: Classic Peach Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are a fan of Elie Saab, you will immediately remember the peach dresses that it showed in 2012 spring/summer collection. I have to say, those dresses are really beyond beautiful. That was the first time I became interested in the classic and elegant color—peach.

Elie Saab 2012-Peach Dresses

Just like other pastel colors, peach can also make people feel easy and comfortable, so there is no surprise that many brides choose it as main color for their weddings, and of course, including bridesmaid dresses. I believe most of you are familiar peach bridesmaid dresses because this season, they are really popular.

short V-neck peach bridesmaid dresses

I love long peach bridesmaid dresses! Elegant and gorgeous!

strapless long peach bridesmaid dresses

long peach bridesmaid dresses

long halter peach bridesmaid dresses

photo credit: 2//3

Vponsale won’t miss this chance to show its peach bridesmaid gowns for you!

long peach bridesmaid dress

long sequined peach bridesmaid dresses

Get a simple and lovely look with short styles!

short peach brideesmaid dresses details

short one shoulder peach bridesmaid dresses

short strapless peach bridesmaid dresses

short peach bridesmaid dresses

photo credit: 2//3//4

Again, here are some similar styles from Vponsale.

short strapss peach bridesmaid dress short halter peach bridesmaid dress


Ladies, how about this color for your wedding? We’d love to know your feelings and feedback!


Rustic Fall Wedding Ideas

When talking about fall wedding ideas, the first one comes to my mind is rustic themed wedding. The new season is just around the corner, which also brings us crisp weather, sunny days and new color palette for wedding. Orange, purple and gold are perfect color schemes for a fall wedding. Rustic wedding theme is the most popular theme this year, and it’s the suitable one for autumn. Nice weather and perfect colors make the rustic fall wedding more attractive! Here are some photos of rustic fall weddings that I love. Hope they can inspire your fall wedding ideas!


rustic fall wedding



rustic wedding ideas

rustic fall wedding bouquet

rustic fall pumpkin wedding ideas

orange fall wedding

fall wedding-lace bridesmaid dresses

purple bridesmaid dresses with boots

rustic purple wedding-bridesmaid dresses

photo credit: 1//3//4//6//7//8

How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses that Compliment the Brides?

The most frequent question that confused brides a lot is the right look for their big day. Except for their wedding gowns, dresses for bridesmaids is also important. Brides usually spent weeks or months shopping for dresses for their maids of honer. What should their bridesmaids wear to complement their dress? How to choose the right styles or colors of bridesmaid dresses to compliment the brides? Here are 5 different looks of bridesmaid dresses  for your big day along with helpful tips for different wedding themes.

For Elegant Brides, lace bridesmaid dresses must be hot picks.


For classic brides, choosing short bridesmaid dresses to make you pop.


For romantic brides, nude bridesmaid dresses will make your gals look elegant.


For the 1920′s brides, vintage bridesmaid dresses will let your gals inspired by the glamour of the 1920

For hip pop brides, help your ladies pick unique and fun bridesmaid dresses.

green lace bridesmaid dresses UK